22 July, 2008

The New Facebook has screwed the pooch

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Well, you've got to hand it to them. Facebook made a bold move this week by releasing their brand new interface. And now, as a consequence of their bravery, I am no longer able to obsessively play Scrabulous, because my ability to access Facebook, is at present non-existent. Spontaneously, and brutally, my access "went away".

Instead of seeing my page, that I lovingly crafted, and my fantastically high Scrabble rating, I now see this:

This makes me unhappy. The bigger issue here is that the nonsense that Facebook released this week as an "upgrade" was in virtually no way an improvement on their existing design. The site already is famous for awkwardly navigated menus and privacy settings, and very strange UI elements. The newer interface now features even more bizarre "features" such as items that jump out from under your cursor when you hover on them, requiring you to move your mouse to try to click, but then no, you cannot click because the thing you hovered on has gone away, and you get to try it again.

Someone needs to inform Facebook that navigating through a web page should not, in and of itself, constitute a "video game" of sorts.

I am not sure right now if maybe Facebook is "down" or if it is just my account that is rendered non-functional by my mistake of checking out the new UI. But I wonder what it will take for me to get back in again? I have Scrabble opponents who are waiting for me to make my next move!

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