22 July, 2008

New Facebook is Down - Problem seems to be Worldwide?

Location: as far away as spanish speaking places
Mood: relief, but annoyance

So, within 10 minutes of posting my blog below, I found out that someone else is having the same problem. They sent a link to the same error message (in spanish). They must have googled the words New Facebook and hit on my page. This is somewhat of a relief to know it is probably a server problem, that will likely be addressed.

For anyone's information who cares, I have a second Facebook account, on which I never viewed the new format - and that page still works. However, to view it, I needed to delete the Facebook cookies from my browser. If the New Facebook remains down, you may need to do the same thing that I did. I didn't blow away ALL my cookies - just the Facebook ones.

Thanks for posting your comments here, and I am happy to hear from anyone else regarding the upsetting status of our little social network.

While you're here, why don't you take a moment to read some of my other entries! I promise it is not all computer geeky stuff!

Thanks again.

A final comment: The STUPID thing here is that Facebook designed this as a forced redirect, instead of making users explicitly type "new.facebook.com" every time. So now, even though I WANT the OLD one, I can't get it, because this stupid redirect is happening probably via some parameter tied to my account info. This is bad. Broken, and no way to get ourselves out of the broken state.

Facebook. Shame. Shame. Shame.


  1. haha, I'm from Chile, and too much people that changed to new facebook have the problem. In Twitter we follow it.

  2. hi. i saw your profile. yes. chile. hello! thanks for posting comment.

    how did you see my blog?

  3. Mick,

    I'm really glad that you don't have a Taurus in Uranus too. Then you would be truly unbearable.

    A bit of honesty so that you can know exactly what I think of you.

    So what bin am I in, I am wondering. Because, you see, I need to know exactly what you think of me as well.

    And one last burning question:
    Are you coming to Colorado sometime, so we can go camping? Now that you have made the almost insurmountable switch to "Morning Person" I'm thinking that you may be able to poop in the woods.