05 July, 2008

Since I am complaining anyways...

Location: the central district
Mood: constantly cacophonized

I have told you about the airplanes. And I will not speak further of it, unless I hear interesting or useful information from my legislators or from the Piece of Shit (Port of Seattle). I am not holding my breath. I expect that my trusty legislators will auto-send me some sort of webmail drivel that is designed to pacify me and make me keep voting for them.

Today's new complaint regards the other two noise sources that make spending time at home a joy:
  1. The trains. You have all heard the train, for instance if you go to Safeco Field. Now imagine if you lived in Safeco Field, and you got to hear the train 24 hours a day, every 5-10 minutes? I bet you'd like that! This is essentially what it is like being in the Central District because of various topographical and meteorological conditions. It is like a large tunnel of sound directly from there to here. Funzies.

  2. The cars with the extremely loud stereos. It's hard to phrase that in such a manner to provide the true image I would like you to have, without jumping into the realm of the politically incorrect. So you must use your imagination. But start by closing your eyes, and picture yourself sitting in your room (on the 4th floor), and hearing a car pull up (on the curb) with windows closed, and stereo blaring so loud that the thumping of the subwoofer is causing the drywall in your home to be shaking itself away from the studs. That's the general idea.
It is really great living "close-in", as they put it. But there are ups and downs. Almost every night, I am awakened... repeatedly... by various noises of the city. Perhaps I will eventually adjust. I think that when summer ends, and the windows get to be closed, it will help a lot, because this house is well insulated to noise. But when you open your windows, which you must do when it is hot and humid, you subvert this insulatory construction.

Okay, that's all the complaining I need to do for now. On this subject.


  1. Inman Wheelright07 July, 2008 08:01

    You know, a well-placed water balloon might send a 'keep it down' message quite effectively, especially if the vehicle is stationary and you are four floors up with your windows already open...but I suppose that sort of vigilante justice is frowned upon in your locale. Not here in New Hampshire. Live Free or Die.

  2. what about the lovely panpipes techno mix, first thing in the morning? i see that's not in the running.