06 July, 2008

A weekend of very little...

Location: around town
Mood: middling

I didn't do a whole lot to tell you about this weekend. It was a lot of lounging about, and playing online scrabble, which is now my newest method of time wastage. I am not sure if it is a good use of time, or if it is completely like throwing sands of time down the sewer. I really don't know. I learned a few new words. But I will only ever use those words when playing scrabble, so I am not sure if that's justification for hours of sitting around.

But I am okay. I guess I needed down time. But for some reason, it just feels a little blah at the end of it all. Not that I had the energy to do anything particularly exciting. Maybe it is the weather change again. We had good weather, and I felt good. Now we have cloudy weather, and I feel cloudy. I wonder if there is any correlation?

Nothing else to say... blah.

1 comment:

  1. Inman Wheelright07 July, 2008 08:03

    Hast thou learnt syzygy or quark?

    I guess syzygy exceeds the 'y' count.