25 August, 2008

Leaky boats

Location: adrift at sea
Mood: soggy and sinking

Sometimes I feel that life is like a leaky wooden boat. Water starts seeping in through one crack, and you try your hardest to plug it, only to see two new leaks springing at the other end of the boat, out of your reach. And to take the metaphor one step further, it seems like it has been stormy season for quite some time now.

I am trying to keep it all together. Work. Music. Friendships. Relationships. Health. But it feels like there are always two more leaks than I have hands to deal with it. So one week, I have a conflict with a friend. The next week I have a conflict with a different friend. The next week, I struggle with motivation at work. The next week, I don't have any time to exercise. The next week, who knows? Maybe this is just how it is for everyone, but for some reason I allow myself to dwell in it, rather than just push forward.

The irony in this is that I spend so much of my time engaged in diversionary activities. Either Facebook, or writing these blogs, or Scrabble. And I wonder, is all of that causing me to be this deficient in available time? Or are those things necessary to keep me sane?

I don't know why I'm telling you this...

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