24 September, 2008

Bozeman: move your ass when the scary lady says so!

We made it to Bozeman with time to spare and without much drama to tell you about. As we rolled into town, we wanted to stop by the venue before eating dinner. After missing a turn in town, Craig was pulling into a side street to make a u-turn and as he did, a woman was trying to turn into that street. She was clearly not pleased with the van blocking her path, for all of three seconds, and as she passes us she rolls down her window, revealing her hag-like features and screams "move your ass!"

Welcome to Bozeman!

Fortunately everyone else was much nicer. Had dinner at a recommended place called mackenzie river pizza. Pretty good and inexpensive with very rustic d├ęcor. But the pizza was nothing to write home about (though I realize I am actually writing home about it).

Got to the club and the first band was a punk band from Milwaukee. Not that amusing but they were not horrible. They were called Bear Proof Suit. Okay.

For a Tuesday there was a decent crowd there. A bunch of what seemed like hippie Montana State University students. Mostly girls, many of them tatooed.

Second band was local and typical indie rock scene. They were The Salamanders, which is a terrible band name but they were fun to watch. They had some technical problems during their setup that caused delays but there was plenty of time.

We started around 11:45pm and played almost an hour. A lot of people stayed for us and they were friendly and seemed to like our songs. The most interesting part of the night was just as we started our last song. A tall, dark-haired girl came in and seemed to be into the music. She approached the stage and I assume she was going to dance or something. But instead, she fell on the stage, waist forward, and did a total face plant, knocking over Jim's beer. It was far from graceful, but somehow endearing. She then requested a double encore.

And how could we refuse?

Tomorrow will be 700+ miles of driving on our insane two day trek to Chicago. We are all a bit worried about making it there on time.

Now, sleep. Day 1 was a success.

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  1. Let's go Chicago!! :) Have fun and enjoy the show!

  2. Should have passed the scary lady a Xanax and told her to relax!