28 September, 2008

Get me off this train to Saint Paul

Today is a weird day. Most likely it stems from having had only three hours of uneasy sleep. But it also is because tonight is our last show before being stuck with 1600 fruitless miles between us and home. I am feeling disconnected from the people I want to be near. And I am ready to be done with that. I would happily continue playing a show a night in Seattle, though that isn't going to happen.

I can't imagine three weeks in a van. There is more I could say about the close encounters of touring, and I know that this tiny experience I am having is truly unworthy of being called a tour. But it is the first time I have spent 4500 miles in a box with three other people. The closest I have come to that is 3200 miles with a cat. And that was no picnic either. Personalities really come into the foreground, be they feline or human.

I will pause here to post, and continue. I think I need to tell you about Dubuque still, don't I? I honestly can't remember.

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