26 September, 2008

Hell & Jesus are both real

I know this because it said it on a giant two-sided billboard in Indiana.

We are surrounded by corn fields, driving south on I65 headed to Cincinnati. It is already 80 degrees. We are discussing economics and speculating on what is going to happen next. Nobody knows. In reality, nobody knows even what will happen later today. If the economy were to collapse completely, and all of our jobs disintegrated overnight, maybe I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. Riding around in a van playing music and spending time with three guys that I love hanging out with. Talk about the simple life.

We are roladexing through doomsday scenarios while listening to Massive Attack.

WaMu is gone. Politics is being put on hold, for the sake of... Politics. What does Seattle look like without Washington Mutual? Does it matter? Well, for one thing, we will now be going to see concerts at the JP Morgan Chase Auditorium.

I never thought I'd actually see the FDIC in action. Always wondered what it was for!

Time to stop wondering. But what will happen when our government can no longer afford to finance the failures of the private sector?

Do we return to some type of corporate-backed neo-feudal system?

Stay tuned!

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