25 September, 2008

Mitchell plus my mind

I really wanted to lay down in the back of the van atop the gear during the last hundred miles. That is where Jim sleeps and it is where Craig and Jason spend alternating shifts of the morning hours. But the thought of the owl or deer really made me nervous as I think it did everyone. Imagine no seatbelt, laying at head-level in back of the van. If we screech to a halt, whoever is back there would be jettisoned like a torpedo through the windshield!

Nonetheless, fatigue, boredom, and back pain eventually led me to play the odds of fate and sleep back there much of the final two hours last night. I cannot explain the logic.

It continues to rain and we have about 450 miles to go and 7 hours to drive them. If no traffic, it is possible. But. There will undoubtedly be traffic. Pause.

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  1. I'd rather die by destiny, than live in the hands of fate...