23 September, 2008

Moses Lake - not a place for espresso

Our first night on the road was showless. A connect the dots day. We departed Seattle at 9pm and rolled into Moses Lake just after midnight. For a moment it seemed we would not find accommodations but things turned out fine with a decent quality Best Western.

After some Maker's Mark and one or two other "relaxants" we fell asleep, ending day one of the "You Call That a Tour?" tour. Save for some loud sleeping it was a decent night of rest.

Using my phone as a guide, via Yelp, we found a breakfast place called Griffin's Bakery. From d├ęcor it looked highly promising, not unlike any cool Seattle breakfast place. And the food lived up to that expectation. Quiche and croissants that were very good.

But alas, there is apparently some loss of barista skill as you move away from the Left Coast. As I saw her making the Double Americano, I should have just stopped her! The "shots" consisted of like one tablespoon of espresso and an inch of coffee foam. I actually told her it was weak and asked if she could pour some out so I could get drip. But instead, she gave me TWO MORE shots. This brought it up to being about equivalent to a single Seattle Americano.

Lesson 1: always order drip

Jim said this but I didn't listen!

And poor Craig got the same thing as I did.

So we are back on I90 with 500 miles to Bozeman for our first show tonight. Beautiful day, and we are feeling fine.

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