25 September, 2008

Murdo to Mitchell

The few so-called towns we encountered seemed to have nothing. Was our luck finally running out?


No matches found. Desperation. Leads. Us. To.

The Rusty Spur.

A restaurant advertising charbroiled steaks. Why does this always sound like bad news when encountered in the middle of nowhere?the clientele were all looking at us funny, as we were the things that "did not look like the others". Our server was too young to drink (she said) but was wearing a wedding ring. The local beer on tap was called Shock Top or Talk or something like that.

But. The food was great! One of the best burgers I'd had in a long time. So our luck continued. Or perhaps our expectations have been lowered? It WAS a really good burger. I think...

So Craig took over driving and we went until almost midnight. All of us were worried about deer or owls crossing our path (the latter fear based on the previous tour). The destination of Mitchell seemed like an okay stopping point for the day. Pause.

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