27 September, 2008

A taste of the real rockstar life

Well, it is good to enjoy certain things when they happen, because they may only happen once. The problem is that you may not even notice when they are happening. And then the moment is gone.

The entire reason for this "tour" was to play the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati. That is Jim's hometown and his close friend Dan was an organizer (the organizer?) for the event. It was a city-wide festival at dozens of clubs around town.

We were scheduled to play at the Aronoff which is a major venue with more than one stage. As I mentioned, Vince Gill was playing the mainstage at same time as our set. He actually ended up playing like three hours, extending before and after our set time.

I failed in my pseudo effort to get his autograph. But it turns out that Jim was hanging out with Vince Gill! Where the hell was I?

So the thing that was wild about this show was that we had a coordinator, Meredith, to assist us and provide for all of our needs and logistics. She met us at the curb when we arrived. And then two or three union guys came out to carry all of our gear! We didn't even know what to do with ourselves! It is strange having someone else do shit for you. Feel guilty and also a bit apprehensive about relinquishing control. Maybe I would not make a good rockstar because I don't like to delegate.

What we did NOT realize was that Meredith was there to give us WHATEVER we needed. And that would have included any variety or quantity of high quality liquor we could have imagined. How did we miss THAT memo?

So. They pampered us equally well during setup and sound check. We continued to have technical problems. Jim's amplifier - almost new - is presently dead. Last night we borrowed and had no problem. Not sure what will happen in Iowa tonight. And Jason had a horrible hum coming from his pedalboard. Fortunately we were able to figure out and resolve that one by replacing a power supply with 9V batteries.

Jim knew the sound guy. That was cool too. So the first band, The Rosehips, were from Columbus and they were all-girl alt-rock. They were okay. Musically pretty good but the vocals were weak, in my opinion. We all agreed their drummer was very cute, though I needed some convincing of this. I guess she was not my type. Too skinny, maybe?

We played second. I would estimate there between 125-150 people in a room a hair larger than The Crocodile. They were literally ALL AGES. Ranging from 6-7 year old children to teenagers to older folks, including Jim's mother-in-law!!

We really had just about our best show yet.

I watched a little bit of the next band, Say Hi (to your Mom), who are also from Seattle. They were pretty good but I got burned out on music and decided to go hang by myself first in the green room, and then outside, and play on my iPhone. I was getting tired. After the night ended with a fourth band, of whom I saw none, we had our gear loaded out, and then they decided to go to some other bars in downtown. I opted to chill in the van because I was not feeling like more noise and someone needed to stay in the van to watch our stuff.

We then drove across the state line to Kentucky to stay with Dan in his amazing remodeled/restored home, built in 1895!!

Did not sleep until past 4am. Did not wake until 11am. Ate bad food and am now feeling bloated and crappy. We have 360 miles to Dubuque. And who knows what awaits us?

I don't...

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