13 September, 2008

Thinking versus feeling

Location: the mind
Mood: the heart

The problem with the brain is that it is often credited with being the place that holds thoughts, while "feelings" are attributed to other organs like the heart or the gut. But the reality is that our thoughts and feelings are both figments of the mind. Certainly different manifestations, but of the same basic origin. Perhaps we attribute conscious mental processing to "thought", and the unconscious or basal level "intuitions" as "feelings". But it's all in the mind. And that makes all of the proverbial discussions around following your heart or following your mind a little bit different, doesn't it? Because you're always following your mind. It's just a question of whether the courses of action you take derive from rational processing, or deep inspiration without clear rational justifications.

Think about that one for a little bit. I want to say more about it. But it's late.

The heart. The mind. One. The same.

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