26 September, 2008

Via Vita, Cincinnati

This was originally just part of a "tour blog" but since people keep hitting this page when they search for the restaurant, I figured I should expand a little bit so you aren't disappointed. If you're interested in what "tour" I'm referring to, go here for our band's website.

Our band was touring from Seattle into the Midwest, and the "big show" on the tour was to be at the Midpoint Music Festival, in Cincinnati, because our lead singer originates from that city, and has close friends involved in coordinating the event.

Before the show, we had time for dinner downtown, and this restaurant - Via Vita - was recommended to us. This was a great restaurant, with a great atmosphere. The service staff were extremely polite and friendly, and even let us switch to a table twice the size, after ordering our food, because we realized that 2 more people were coming to join us. The pastas were all very rich, and tasty. You know... there's Italian food that just feels like a bunch of ingredients thrown together, and then there's Italian food that becomes something greater than the sum of its parts. Via Vita hits that latter target. The pizza also looked very good too.

I was a bit surprised to find such great food in Cincinnati. But that's partly because, coming from Boston originally, and living in Seattle, I have perhaps a distorted view of the Midwest as having nothing good to offer (with the possible exception of Chicago). Well, on this trip, we were proven wrong repeatedly. While it may be true that there are odd little diners, and truck-stop unpleasantries, there really are good options everywhere we went on this tour. Just depends if you have the tools to find out about them.

Excellent dining in Fountain Square downtown Cincinnati. Cavatelli. Yum. Now food coma. Friends here to see us including Craig's step brother. This feels good tonight.

The city is clean and attractive.

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