09 October, 2008

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I am becoming interested once again in what the media tells us, depending on our news sources. I thought about this four years ago, and then became very discouraged and gave up. But I guess I am energized once again. Looking only at the stories given LARGE print (not including the "latest news" feed). Let the topics speak for themselves...

Today, 4pm PDT, Fox News site:

1. Day Ends in Near Free Fall (stock market)
2. Obama-Ayers Timeline in Question
3. And the Emmy Goes to... Obama? (about prime-time special he will air before election)
4. (with Photo) Plastic Preacher - Outraged Parents Claim Doll Says "Islam is the Light"

Today, 4pm PDT, CNN site:

1. Dow Closes Below 9000

Today, 4pm PDT, MSNBC site:

1. Dow Closes Below 8600
2. McCain, Obama Wrangle over Economic Crisis
3. US Plan for Banks Carries Risks
4. Court Refuses to Shut Down Palin Probe
5. Manny's Impact on the Dodgers
6. Beware of Debit Scam at the Pump

Today, 4pm PDT, CBSNEWS site:

1. No End in Sight (market drop)

Today, 4pm PDT, ABCNEWS site:

1. Dow Ja Vu: Another Triple-Digit Drop Leaves 9000 a Distant Memory

Today, 4pm PDT, NYTimes site:

1. Stocks Plunge Again; Dow under 8600
2. US Assurances Offer Little Comfort to Traders
3. US Considers Cash Injections into Banks
4. Citi Concedes Wachovia to Wells Fargo

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