11 November, 2008

Bush begins step one in (apparent) transformation from neocon icon to "human being"

Well, liberals will, for the time being, consider George W. Bush to be the "Worst President Ever". That's true, and presumably it will not change in the next 4 years, if not longer. There were many unpopular things in this administration's tenure. And as Bush leaves the White House, he's about to embark on life as a normal human being. Well, as normal as that can be for a former President. And today's interview, marks the beginning of that transition. Bush is acknowledging things he wishes he hadn't said. And things he wishes he hadn't done. And he's commenting on the character of Barack Obama (favorably). Well, maybe he's being sincere. Or maybe this is the all-important effort that the Republican Party must show to the left, and the middle, if they want to remain a viable party for the future. The voters told the administration just how strongly they disapproved of the policies of the past eight years, and now there needs to be some tail-between-the-legs moments, if staged.

I don't know if Bush is being sincere. And I am not sure I care. I have to say that it makes me feel somewhat good to hear him say the things he's saying. And this probably proves that I'm a sucker for propaganda. I am sure to the right-wingers, there's a mixture of people who are considering this to be just the kind of stand-up guy Bush is. And then there are probably some people who can't believe Bush is going to pander to the liberals, and how can he say that Obama is going to be good for the country? All that.

The right fucked up, and it knows it. But the sad reality is that "knowing it" doesn't undo any damage. Square one is not something that can be recovered. We are stuck where Bush's policies leave us. I really don't like to believe that an agenda could be based solely around greed, and class division, and world domination. I don't want to believe that. I want to believe that the right has a vision which is a wholesome one, and that it was the execution that failed, or that people were honestly mistaken. The right would have us think that's the case, and that the "liberal media" has created the distorted perception of malice where there was none. But either I'm stupid and ignorant, as are most of my friends, or there's a little more than honesty and naivete that drove us to where we are now.

This country has a history of a number of fairly unsavory things. And there are plenty of people who still exhibit the traits that made our "forefathers" not-so-stand-up guys. There's plenty of elitism. There's plenty of extreme nationalism. There's plenty of racism. There's plenty of sexism. And it would be truly naive to believe that those traits, in positions of explicit (governmental) or covert (corporate) power, would not attempt to bring about a future that fits their ideals. I will spare you the conspiracy theories, but I just don't believe that the extreme right has died, or will die that quickly. They're just going to have to go into a regrouping period. But the goals that they did achieve already are quite substantial.

And part of the regrouping, clearly, is to play nice. For awhile.

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