02 November, 2008

Did I say I was a morning person?

I am really not sure if that was the same person who is sitting here writing to you now. In fact, I am pretty confident that he has been stolen, and replaced with an imposter who is incapable of getting out of bed, ever.

Though, today I have been blessed by the "Gods of Standard Time". Slept soundly through until 10:28am without opening my eyes one single time. But then I realized that it is actually 9:28am, so I really don't look like that much of a slacker after all.

But seriously, I am not sure what happened. I suppose the most likely explanation is that my waking is somewhat tied to the amount of light there is outside, since this summer I had little difficulty rising at 7am every day, and now I have little difficulty rising at 10am every day. At this pace I will arriving at work by noon by the time Christmas comes. Do I have seasonal affective disorder? I really don't know. It has been suggested, repeatedly, that I try using a light box, but I keep resisting. Partly because I am lazy. Partly because I don't want to spend money on a light box (though I have no clue what they cost). And also because I just refuse to believe that sitting in front of a lamp each day is going to make me magically feel "not depressed". But perhaps I should try it.

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