11 November, 2008

A final baffling evening footnote regarding dehydration

Tonight, I spent about 30 minutes on the god-awful "Stair Climber". I do not mean the one where you have two little pedals that go up-down-up-down (that one is called a "Stair Master"). I mean the evil "set of stairs on a wheel" type, where you are standing like 5 feet off the ground, walking up a (for all intents and purposes) real staircase, and if you go too slow, you will fall and fracture your jaw, and if you go too fast, you will trip and break your neck. This is the most evil and wicked of all exercise equipment and always makes my heart go up to 175 beats per minute, which is not fun.

So, the result of this exercise was dehydration. I finished my workout at 7:45pm, and when I got home I had cereal and a large quantity of milk. Then I drank more milk. Then I went to the show, and drank 3 glasses of water between 10pm and 11:30pm. And now it is ridiculously late, like 2am, and I have interestingly still not yet peed. That's how dehydrated I was.

Though I do need to pee really really badly right now.

Good night.

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