22 November, 2008

Hugh Jackman is the sexist man alive!

This is what makes me sick about this world. Why is this news? Why does People magazine choose to glamorize this type of behavior? We have spent so many years striving toward gender equality and fairness for women in all walks of life. And in one swell foop, People is derailing all of the ground that has been broken.

The fact is, there are six BILLION people in the world. Many of them in third world countries that People most certainly did not consider. And many of these countries have far more oppressive views toward women than the US or UK or even Australia!

So it is mind boggling to me that they could declare Hugh Jackman the SEXIST MAN ALIVE! How do they know?

And why should we even be recognizing such things? It's really disgraceful.

Oh, wait...

I just took another look.

It was SEXIEST man alive. Not SEXIST.

That's very different.

Never mind.

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