05 November, 2008

Proof that anyone can be president

Watching MSNBC this morning. This, the most liberal of our news networks. And the morning anchor was opining about how this election should really make clear to all Americans that anyone can be president, and anyone can make a difference.

And what strikes me as odd is that I would argue that the fact that George W. Bush became president proves that anyone can be president! Not Barack Obama. Unless we are truly racist at our very core, one must look at Obama as the epitome of a statesman. Educated, well-spoken, reputable, and delivering a message that is truly aimed at "the people" - not at the rich, or corporate interests. Why is that shocking? Another way of looking at it would be that this morning's anchor's view proves that it is quite difficult to become president if you are not cut from a distinctly average looking fabric. While it's true that Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, he certainly came across as being very much the easy-going nice guy. So if you exclude Jimmy Carter - who, while quite an intellectual, also played the everyman role - Barack Obama stands out as overqualified for the job.

But from an idealist's point of view, that our leader should perhaps be an above average human being, I really think that Bush shattered that completely, and demonstrated that you can be an unambitious, draft-dodging, poorly-spoken, uncurious, arrogant, substance-abusing, mediocre individual and still attain the office of president - provided that you come from the right family.

So the biggest story this year is not that we elected a black president, though that is absolutely a big story. The monumental story here is that we finally elected someone who our founding fathers (if they hadn't been racist!) might have seen as fit to lead this country.

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  1. this is the best blogitorial on the recent election results that i've read yet!