14 November, 2008

"Safe Haven" - what a bizarre and chilling concept

Nebraska has a problem with people abandoning unwanted children. They address this problem by establishing a safe haven program, where people can bring the children to the hospital, rather than abandon them, or neglect them. There's a good and a bad side to this concept. First, it's sad that people don't believe in a woman's right to choose, and the result is that people end up with children they don't want. It's sad that our standards of living, and values are such that people do not feel a deep obligation to provide for the offspring that they produce. But, I suppose it's good that Nebraska is offering a means for these children to possibly be adopted to families who would like a child but cannot have one. Maybe.

Just one problem with the Nebraska law.

They failed to set an age limit for the safe haven program. Oops!

So now, we have people from all around the country, traveling to Nebraska to dump their TEENAGERS at hospitals! Apparently, someone in the Nebraska legislature didn't learn in law school that you need to dot every t and cross every i, or someone's going to abuse the law. As of this moment, 28 out of 34 children that have been dropped at hospitals are older than ten years. So Nebraska is frantically trying to "fix" this rule so that people stop dumping their unruly teenagers in Nebraska.

It's kind of funny. But it's mostly kind of sick.

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