06 November, 2008

Sarah Palin is an insult to women in politics

The Republican Party attempted to gain "cred" as being progressive, by choosing Sarah Palin to be the first female on a GOP ticket. Well, progressive in the sense that she had 2 X Chromosomes. But the fact is, by choosing Sarah Palin, they have insulted women in this country, and the results of this election bore out that fact, at least implicitly. The exit poll numbers show that while McCain did quite well among men (1% difference), women flocked heavily to Barack Obama (13% difference). There is obviously more than one reason for this. Women, on average, may be more pro-choice and less pro-military than men. But an important factor must certainly have been that women did not want that one representing them in the second highest position of power in the country.

Any person who runs for office should, ideally, be a role model. We know that's not how it works, in reality. But Sarah Palin has to be the most anti-role model choice imaginable. I don't even really want to enumerate her "qualities" here, because it's become so hackneyed of a topic.

It's almost like they wanted to see if they could get away with something even worse than George W. Bush. Hmmm... what could that be? Let's find a redneck woman, and her five children, backwards views, and secessionist husband, and see if we can fly that shit through the fan and out the other side!

I don't think so.

And somehow, Republican strategists were thinking that choosing Sarah Palin might help win some of the Hillary voters? This is so insulting to women, it is almost unimaginable. Let's see. You ordered the prime rib, and we're all out, so let me serve you this rotting dead squirrel possum I have lying in the back yard. You probabaly won't even notice the difference! It's still meat!

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  1. All the obvious palunacy aside, I am particularly miffed by her attempts to come across as 'main street' or 'hocky mom' or 'middle class' when the Palins were found to have a net worth of $1.2 million BEFORE the election... never mind the post-election windfall that's sure to be heading their way. How do people fall for this? It's like believing George Bush was like one of the guys, a neighbor, regular kinda guy, etc.... so annoying to have people who long ago abandoned 'middle class' proclaiming to be Just Like You, America!