11 November, 2008

The vertical lines have been eradicated. Fear not.

You asked, "Why is there a vertical line running down your blog?"

And I answer, "Actually, there were TWO vertical lines running down my blog, but one of them was at the left edge so you couldn't see it."

And I have investigated. And I have pounded my fists. And I have investigated more. And I have eradicated the offending visual blemish. Not that you care, because this is about as interesting as watching paint peel off the fender of a 1981 AMC Gremlin. But the cause of the transient offender was some sort of new "feature" that presumably was added by an author of the blog template that I have bastardized use. I think they thought it would be cool to have an accent border to the typing area. But, alas, I modified the template so that the typing area is 680 pixels instead of 485. And the result is that his fancy border doesn't line up with my border anymore.

The solution?

/* comment out the fucker */

And all is no longer rotten in the state of Denmark.

How am I expected to keep my readership happy with these distractions? Jeez!

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