05 November, 2008

Where do you move if you're a neocon?

We liberals always talk about how we're gonna move to Canada if this, that, or the other thing occurs in our national politics. Or move to Europe. Or move to Australia. Or move to New Zealand. But where do you move if you're a neocon? Or an extreme social conservative who believes that a woman's right to choose ends at penetration? Or a religious nut who believes that we should be teaching creationism in school, because there is plenty of evidence for it - albeit, that evidence is "The Bible"?

Where do they get to move? It's sad there's no place for those people, except tucked away in backwards nooks and crannies of the rural United States. And now, there's no government to represent them, and protect their kooky interests. So sad.

I am weeping one tiny tear for those who don't understand what freedom is.

1 comment:

  1. There are plenty of places for these folks to move. Here are some:

    W. Virginia
    Crawford, Texas
    Alberta, Canada
    Saud Arabia