11 November, 2008

Worrying about the well-being of our new leader

I want to be careful about how I even word this, since I realize that there are probably Google-Bots constantly trolling the web to find things that they can investigate. So forgive the veiled terminology. But I wanted to say that I am concerned, and I suppose perhaps you have wondered as well, about the viability and longevity of the guy who we just elected, in the face of forces that might want to bring ill-will upon him. We've already heard a couple of stories about (albeit bungled and asinine) plots to do damage to him. And that's before he even won. We saw, during the speech, that there appeared to be what one might call "significant plexiglass reinforcement" around the stage. This is not something that I ever noticed in a previous instance of a similar event. That's not to say it's never been there before. But I'm just saying, I've never seen it. And if they're adding those reinforcements, it must be for good cause. Threats.

And it's still two months until the term begins.

So what's going to happen? I just think about all of the people in this country that are probably not thrilled about this outcome. All of the ignorant, narrow-minded individuals, who see nothing more than a skin color, and hear nothing more than a name that sounds surprisingly not like "Jefferson" or "Madison" or "Washington" or... "Bush". And I think about the hate that is exacted upon everyday people just for their beliefs or their origins. And now, we are about to be led by someone who will bring many of those stereotypes and fears into the forefront of those minds.

There were a few people in this country's history who stood for, and embodied major forces of change. These people were different, they were powerful, and they had the ear of the people. Some people, that is. And they were around at a time where their voices needed to be heard. And in at least 4 of these cases, those individuals were erased. One of them was named John. One was named Robert. One was named Martin. And one was named Malcolm. I might also add that there was another one named John, many years later, who could be argued as belonging to a similar category of change-makers.

And it doesn't really matter so much, who did it. Or whether they were sane or crazy. It doesn't matter what the stated reasons were as to why they did it. What matters is only one thing.

They did it.

And that scares me.


  1. there was also one named Abraham.

  2. I share your concern. The piece that adds insult to injury is that if anything bad *did* happen before getting sworn in, the torch is not passed to Joe. It's passed to John. How's that for a stupid rule?!? Give incentive to the losing side. I'm surprised no one has taken advantage of that.