06 December, 2008

Bloglet: Believe the reviews in your travel book

I have been relying almost exclusively on the book "The Big Island: Revealed" forbthis trip. I did almost the same on my previous visit to Hawaii, because it is a great book. Unlike many travel books, that seem to be more like brochures or advertising, without useful info, this book will tell you what is good and what is bad. They also tell you about many lesser known places that are hard to find.

But one important detail is thatvif you are going to trust the book, you need to TRUST the book. If they do not specifically say a restaurant is good, in their review, it probably is not good. And I have made the same mistake, with the same restaurant, on both my visits. This was partly due to bad memory, and partly bad decision.

The book says that the Lava Rock Cafe near Volcano National Park is sometimes great and sometimes surprisingly bad. I decided to play the odds, and lost. The insult to injury was that I ordered mahi mahi, which tasted like they cut it from the fish's tail - very oily and fishy. And all the side dishes were undercooked (consisting of baked potato, and frozen mixed vegetables).

In all honesty, it was on or below the level of the UW Medical Center Hospital cafeteria. Except it cost 2.5 times as much.

The lesson here is simple. Don't go somewhere that has mixed reviews in your travel book.

And failing that lesson, number two lesson is, if you do go there, order something less risky than fish. Like burger and fries, perhaps.

All that said, Denise was happy with her food (though she was hungrier than me), and it certainly looked appealing.

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