06 December, 2008

Bloglet: Screw The Big Three

That's all I can say.

They're asking the government to save them from bankruptcy, while agreeing to the fewest concessions or constraints possible. And screw the current administration as well. They have pushed for the money to come from allotments that were previously set aside for making more fuel efficient cars. And now Nancy Pelosi has little choice but to capitulate, lest she be blamed for allowing these corporations to go under.

But I say it's time for the real world. These companies screwed the pooch for thirty years, while Japan and Germany made great cars. Not only have the big three not led in technology, they have actually contributed to a gradual decline in quality of foreign cars, by creating a market, based on "safety", of larger and less efficient vehicles. And who benefited from that? Let me think... Perhaps another major American industry? Petroleum.

Screw these guys. Let them go down in shame. Something will arise to fill the void. We are losing 500,000 jobs a month now as it is! The big three are just a drop in the bucket.

No more bailouts. The government is not here to save your shitty business model.

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