06 December, 2008

Bloglet: iPhone keyboard almost unacceptable

As you can see from many of my posts, the typos abound. And that is taking into account the fact that a) I fix most of them, and b) the iPhone spell checker catches many of them.

There are two main complaints I have. First is that there is clearly some issue I have with missing the space bar and hitting the "b" key. This occurs constantly. I have made a conscious effort to avoid it and it still occurs (it actually just happened three times in that sentence but I fixed it). The second issue is that for standard email or some applications you cannot rotate to get the larger keyboard with better spacing.

The result is that I am slower and far less accurate than I was on my last phone, the HTC Shadow, which was not a touch screen. This is a big deal. But Apple has us by the balls by offering cooler features than anyone else. So we tolerate.

Maybe the typing thing is just me? But it is a real pain, and four months of use has not seen any significant learning curve improvement. I think I have plateaued.

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  1. I used to have a SmartPhone and was super speedy at typing. All I needed were the tips of my thumb nails and I was in business. I gave that phone to my daughter when I bought my iPhone. I've had it since August and still get bollocksed up - esp because it is heat sensitive so it doesn't respond to thumb nails. (so I think it's more difficult for women with nails to use - and btw: mine are very short.) I watched my kid texting on my old phone the other day and I actually salivated.

    Reading your iPhone posts has been a little like reading "The Butterfly and the Diving Bell" because I know how much effort you're putting into it.