04 December, 2008

Bloglet: Isolation

Things happening in the real world don't seem relevant out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. All that seems to matter is sunrise, sunset, ocean, rain, sun, plants, flowers, plans, breakfast, creepy-crawlies.

A brief look at the online news and a viewing of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert revealed that things keep happening even I we are not paying attention. Apparently gas will be under $2.00 when we return. This is completely not evident here, where it is still in the $2.60 range. And who knows what will happen with the economy.

For now, continuing on in isolation. Worrying only about when we will see the tide pools. Or when we will see lava flowing. Or what we will have for breakfast tomorrow morning at this wonderful place where we are staying.

Reality will be waiting for us when we return.

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