03 December, 2008

Bloglet: Naali'i Plantation first impressions

We are settled in to our Eastside B&B and there is a world of difference. The answers to my previous questions about "what to expect" are handed to me via this experience. We are staying in a tranquil secluded home, on beautiful grounds, just about six miles outside of Hilo. Our host, Annie, greeted us with a hug. Her husband, Michael also was there to say hello. Their friendly Siamese cat came over to welcome us as well, and subsequently planted himself on my lap!

When we went in the house, we were amazed to learn that the entir main floor is "our space" and it includes living room, kitchen, lanai, television, movies, many books, and comfortable places to relax.

The house has everything we could possibly need and some things we don't need by might have, if we had not come prepared, such as suntan lotion, snorkeling gear, and other typical travel needs.

Annie has already given us more help, suggestions, and welcome, in two hours, than we received in five days at our last place.

Apparently there are chickens and wild pigs living on the plantation. We shall explore in the morning!

Entries will be shorter because I am doing via iPhone. There is not wireless Internet, and it is not important enough to ask about regular Internet. But I should note that all of Hawaii, including the 6500ft pass between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, has 3G service from AT&T, which is more than I can say about downtown Seattle!

Some things don't make sense...

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