06 December, 2008

Bloglet: Reality =

I really don't want to come back. Many times, I have gone on vacation and I am quite ready to return by the end. But this time, I could easily just stay here. I can think of things that I would miss, for sure. But the pressures, worries, doubts, boredom, would all be left "over there".

Okay, so as I type this, I realize that I am probably lying. There are actually some things that I am looking forward to doing when I return. Back to the music again, which will continue to be interesting and exciting, including rekindling a stalled project with my previous. Seeing some friends. I guess, trying to keep myself motivated at work. Though that is one of the things I try to escape, it is also one of the things I need to face.

What I am most not looking forward to is the schedule. Always feeling like there are not enough hours in the day. For work. For people. For music. For exercise. For any other project that I never even start. Time, in the real world seems scarce. But I guess I waste a lot of it.

I don't know what reality is. Is it lava flowing into the ocean? Is it staring out the window in the silence of crickets while looking at palm trees as clouds pass by? Is it exploring the multicolor depths? Or is it making sure that you finish a report on time, even though few people may ever read it? Or making sure to move your savings into the right investments? Or keeping the laundry folded and put away?

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