07 December, 2008

Bloglet: Sunset on Kailua Bay

Time is running short on this stay in paradise. The Big Island was once again amazing, and I do not ever want to leave. And it is hard to say when I will be back, since there are so many places in the world to visit. Could I retire here? Would I be bored? Would I miss friends?

Watching the sunset now in front of the Kona Inn, as semi-feral cats search the beach for crabs. I don't like that vacations need to end. And being here makes me wish I had more money, or fewer material needs, or more of a free spirit, so that I could indulge in this magical life more often.

Things are obviously not bad, being Mick Feeble, but I just worry all the time if I will ever "have it easy". Or do I already? Or would I really want to? I don't know.

The waves are quietly rolling on the lava beach. People are dining in the open-air, tiki-torch filled restaurant. Everything is moving at a slow pace. But soon, we will once again be moving at mainland pace. And the chill of winter, wet and dark and gloomy, will blanket us for the next five months.

I would love to trade places with one of these cats.

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