17 December, 2008

Finally, Snow is rolling into the Seattle Metro Area

After much delay, and a whole bunch of hype, the awaited storm is finally making its way into the area, almost certain to dump many millimeters of snow across the region.

The latest images from Doppler radar of Seattle Metro are shown below.

In case you couldn't see the snow on this image, I have circled it in red. Fortunately, most commuters are off the roads, giving the road crews room to work. And while there was a bit of an early rush at the supermarkets on things like canned meats, flashlights, and Xanax, things are quiet across the area now.

State Trooper, Lt. Marcus McFroost, commented on how well people are handling this latest disaster: "Well, we knew that it was going to be bad, and it was just a question of when. People didn't panic. Those that did panic, few of them anyway, did go and refill their Xanax. As you can see, there was a bit of a delay, but now that the storm is in swing, it's a good thing that people made the right choice and just decided to stay home... as for accidents... well, we have had a couple of incidents tonight. Up in Everett, we had a woman in a Lincoln Navigator who saw a patch of dust on the road, and thought it was ice, and she stopped her car in the HOV lanes causing a backup... we had a couple of other minor issues with people experiencing panic on off-ramps and such... the usual... but this has gone much more smooth than we expected... than I expected, anyway. But the night is young. We're expecting some wind, and additional clouds as the night progresses. So I would still advise that though the worst might be upon us, don't let your guard down."

I will keep you updated if anything changes, and we may have another report from Lt. McFroost later on if there's anything new to report.

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