09 December, 2008

Monkeys okay, peroxide not

Well, it seems fitting, if not amusing, that days after I was given the shakedown for trying to bring my peroxide-based contact lens solution onto a commercial aircraft, this story should appear in the news.

It seems that a 29 year old woman (named "Gypsy Lawson") successfully "smuggled" a rhesus monkey through security and customs at the Los Angeles International Airport after arriving on a flight from Thailand. Mind you, I want to make this clear. She brought the (sedated) monkey onto the airplane in Thailand. Flew across the ocean. Got off the plane in the United States. And made it through customs. The feat was accomplished by hiding it under her shirt and claiming she was pregnant. The only reason she got caught was because she subsequently was bragging about it to a clothing store clerk!

Well, the reassuring thing to know is that if the monkey had been wearing earrings, they would have definitely averted this type of thing occurring.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder, didn't that money pee or poop the whole time it was in her shirt that whole long flight?! That is a damn long trip to make between someone's boobs!