07 December, 2008

My experience with Kona Airport TSA

I almost thought this would be a trip with no adventures! Of course, by adventure, I mean "unintended" ones. Although we did almost run out of gas half way between Hilo and Honoka'a. That would have been a big adventure.

But, at the last moment, going through airport security, we got our adventure. Just as they did in Seattle, the TSA needed to test the liquids in my carry-on. Includes shaving lotion and contact lens solution. In Seattle, no problems. But in Kona there was a different finding. My contact lens solution tested positive for one of the chemicals they look for in explosives.

The result?

First, there was additional testing of the solution. Second, swipes from inside my bag. Next, they needed to examine all of the contents of my bag. In parallel with that, another TSA employee needed to do a full pat-down of me, followed by swiping my hands and analyzing that! Wow! I was a bit worried that sulphur traces from the volcano park may be detected, and then who knows what?!

I was envisioning being taken into a back room where a Homeland Security office would ask me to recite the pledge of allegiance, name the capitol of Indiana, and tell him what college Joe Namath attended!

All kidding aside, everyone who talked to me was extremely nice, polite, and apologetic. They asked what time our flight is, to make sure they did not delay us. And even though I met with three TSA staff, and two supervisors, everything turned out fine... Minus the lens solution (needed to check it, and that was not worth the effort).

And even better, I jokingly told them I would write a blog about it, and they asked for the URL! So I may have some readers from the Kona TSA!!

Well, mahalo for the friendliness. I guess that must be "the aloha spirit"!!

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