03 December, 2008

My worst nightmare

I know because the blog has recently been on the topic of my travels, you probably think I am about to relate to you a travel nightmare experience. But actually, this is going to be about an actual dream I had last night, which was, I guess, my worst nightmare.

Last night, I had a dream that my band were getting loaded up for a show. Packing all of our music gear into the van. The show wasn't until later in the night, but we were packing up early for some reason. Then, I guess we were going to split up, and meet later to load in the stuff, and play the show. I said that I was going to head off to get some pizza, and we said our goodbyes. On my way to the pizza place, I saw a friend of mine on the street whom I had not seen for a long time. He is actually not even from Seattle, so it was very unusual. And somehow we got to talking, and I was over at his place hanging out, and who knows what we were doing. We ended up hanging out the entire evening, and having a few drinks.

Then, as I was on the way home from his place, I had this realization of pure horror!


In the strange events of running into the friend, I had completely forgotten that we had a show that night, and being that it was after midnight, I had completely missed this show. How could I forget? This was very, very bad. I could not figure out how this happened. Why didn't they call me when I hadn't shown up on time? It makes no sense.

So then, I look at my phone, to see if I missed a message, and I discover that somehow I had got my phone exchanged with one of the other guys in the band. He must have had my phone, and I had his. And his was password protected or something. And maybe mine was too, I don't know. But this was the explanation as to why there was no communication.

The next day comes, and I see the guys, and it is clear that this was very bad news. The guitar player basically is referring to me in the past tense. Saying something like "We decided that we were not going to put up with this kind of thing from anyone anymore, and maybe if you would have called us to let us know, it would have been different". And he's basically telling me, "You're out of the band". I look to the singer, hoping to see some indication that this is not the case. And his expression says "I don't really agree with him, but it's his decision".

So that's it. I'm out.

And I realized that this really would be my worst nightmare right now.

So, I guess I better make sure not to miss any shows.

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