10 December, 2008

The pen is mightier than the sword

Or in this case, the saying might be better stated as:

"The web is more powerful than the telephone"

I write this blog, almost daily, because I enjoy expressing myself. It is a place where I relate stories from the news that I think are interesting, amusing, or annoying. It is a place where I reveal (sometimes too many) things about myself, because I have a need to "share". It is a place where I try to sort things out, and think aloud about topics that are interesting to me. There is definitely an element (a strong one!) of enjoying having some type of audience. But part of it is also just doing something for myself, by writing.

Today was an occasion where, for the first time, my blog actually had an impact far more significant than I had even intended it to have. I'd written about my recent difficulties with travel planning, for the sole purpose of "getting it out of my system". It was an interesting story, and had caused me a lot of frustration, and writing about it was somewhat cathartic. The surprising end result, which you can read about in this blog entry, was that my blog was seen by someone who took an interest in the subject, and took action that ultimately led to the resolution of a problem that I had not been able to solve in 2 months of telephone communications.

I am somewhat at a loss as to how to assess this phenomenon on the whole. On one hand, I am extremely happy that this happened, and that the blog was noticed. But I am not sure what I think about the amount of time and effort that went into a previously fruitless resolution effort that I addressed through standard telephone communication. Everyone was nice, and helpful, but I was still "stuck" in the predicament. In no way do I doubt the knowledge, capability, or interest of those who helped me the past few days - everyone was sincerely interested in finding the right answer. But there was apparently more information out there that could help with the matter, which had not been unearthed until the blog had been noticed.

I will have more to say about the topic of airlines and air travel. But I want to end this topic here.

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