12 December, 2008

Something for today

That title isn't going to make this blog very popular on the Google searches, I suppose. And that's okay. This is the stream of unconsciousness. This is the moment before brief sleep. This is the end of the night, marking a day where I didn't have enough to say to justify a long rant.

But I am marking time here.

Things sometimes play off one another. Sometimes we don't know what the variables mean. They are not defined. And their values are inconstant, or not constant, or is there a difference. Sometimes A is unknown. But because B becomes known, suddenly A's value is changing. And we do not even necessarily know what A's value is, ever. But we become aware that it is changing. We are not independent. We are not standalone. We are responsive to, and affected by all things that cross our paths, either directly, or indirectly, or by all things whose paths we cross, much the same.

It is cold outside.

It may snow this weekend.

It is not Hawaii, though Hawaii is still there. And I am not. And maybe someone from Hawaii will read this because they found one of my other entries, and perhaps their A's will be affected by my B's. I really do not know.

It may not snow this weekend. But it will probably be cold.

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