23 December, 2008

Who's the bread maker in this house, anyway?

A couple of years ago is when I first encountered the wonderful thing of making my own bread at home. At that time, I was living with my fiancee, her daughter, and my Russian never-to-be-mother-in-law. How that came to be, and what the hell that even means, is an entirely different story for a separate blog. Through a bit of magic, I am going to hyperlink to the future, so you can have a place to click when I finally compose that blog.

Anyway, I wasn't sure what to get her for Christmas, though it seemed like something she might like would be to bake bread at home. I cannot recall if it was actually my idea, or maybe it was my fiancee. I really don't like using that word to describe her, because, in hindsight, I find it extremely hard to believe that the entire thing ever happened. But again, that's the story for another place, another time.

After doing a little bit of research, the one that we decided to get was made by a Japanese company called Zojirushi. And it looked like the picture below.

Quite adorable, isn't it? And for the low, low price of $189, it can be yours. It is one of the best rated home bread machines out there. And making bread was a lot of fun. With a few exceptions, it came out good most times. If you can follow instructions, and include the proper amount of each ingredient, there is little opportunity for disasater. And there is nothing more satisfying that having freshly baked bread, still hot, with butter. Very good, yes.

So, recently, I started thinking about this again. Not sure why. Might have been because of some recent Thanksgiving baking (of pie, not bread, but got my mind on the subject). And it just does not seem to make much sense to pay for bread in a store which is almost never as good as what you can make at home, when it costs no less than double the price of making it yourself. I was not really thrilled with the idea of spending $189 for it, so this time I decided to do a little more research, and found out there there was a competing model, made by Panasonic, had pretty much the same reviews. In some ways, it seems like it may even be better, but until I try it, I won't really know. The Panasonic is only $120, and it looks like this:

Ooh! Yes. Beautiful! 

So, it is coming in the mail sometime in the next week or so, and we'll see how it goes. If it works well, I will make my own bread, and I will start making pizza dough again, and things will generally become quite spectacular in this house. Maybe I can quit my day job as a blogger, and become a full time baker.

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