06 January, 2009

Airport thoughts

Is morbid obesity a disability?

Should I need to be crammed into my seat next to such an individual? Right now I am waiting to board, and hoping that the "obese lottery" does not land this person next to me.

Good news is that he's in row 18 and I am in 29, so someone else is the "big" winner.

I overhear someone saying that it costs $100 each way to bring a cat on the plane. That is asinine. Cats cost $100, but babies are free? Which is more disruptive to other passengers? And there's no "fat surcharge" either.

I do not understand this world.

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  1. Here's something that will make you even madder:


  2. I think some airlines do assess a surcharge for people who occupy more than one seat, due to excess lipid accumulations around their waists... but there's also the complete reversal on other airlines, where obesity really is considered a disability and they are actually given preferential treatment for their gluttony. I think it would be amusing if flight attendants enforced a 'no feeding the obese' policy, and were only permitted to serve obese passengers water instead of caloric beverages, and no food whatsoever. Especially not the little packets of peanuts or pretzels or whatever. And if people brought their own food, it could be confiscated for 'endangering' them even further! That would be GREAT.

  3. Also: I think some airlines have contemplated charging people based on nothing but total weight, of person & luggage combined. That's actually my favorite policy, since it's very egalitarian and every individual would be able to just pay for what they use. Weight-wise.