17 January, 2009

Caffeine high at Powell's in Portland

After being lethargic all day, a quadruple 2% caramel latte from Grendel's has flipped me around into positive territory. However, now I am too buzzed to read a book, so this giant bookstore is a bit overwhelming.

I always go to the guitar book section, even though I think I have read enough about guitars. Fact is, unless I have hours to spare, bookstores are overstimulating to me anyway. Tonight we are going to see Sunset Valley and Swoon23 play at The Doug Fir. I am excited about it. Portland repeatedly seems to me to be superior to Seattle in every observable way. Too bad my life is in Seattle, and my job is in Seattle, and my band is in Seattle, and my mortgage is in Seattle, and...

Soon we will go eat at Old Town Pizza which is owned by Jason's brother. And then we will find other ways of killing some time until the show starts.

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