14 January, 2009

The Dewcaster

When we were together, I had asked her if she would paint one of my guitars. And she was excited to do it. That was the first time she'd painted a guitar, and she had lots of ideas in her head. Probably enough to paint 20 guitars. But she went with the theme that I had asked for, which was "something to do with leaves or vines". The painting was completed in November, but some of the finishing work such as sanding, and final layers of lacquer coating, had not been applied when we stopped seeing each other.

After looking at this guitar, and itching to play it for months, since it was also a project guitar in terms of the electronics, which I had replaced, I finally decided that there was no good reason to keep it sitting on the sidelines waiting for the finishing work. It looks really good, and I just want to start playing it.

Thought I'd share some rough pictures of it. Decided to call it "The Dewcaster" because her initials are DEW, and I think it's not a bad name for a Telecaster with this design. I will post some better pictures when I am inspired to do so.

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