29 January, 2009

In the presence of greatness

Sometimes you discover that you're in the presence of greatness. And it's a slow dawning. You know that it's something. But you don't realize the full extent of it until it lands in front of you like a giant dragon, glistening in its multi-hued glory.

So it goes.

There's a problem with greatness, in that it inspires and discourages at the same time. It makes you want so much to *be* that greatness, but the realization that you're unlikely to ever get there can be quite disheartening.

Where does it come from? Why are some people transcendent in their abilities? To me, technical prowess is only slightly captivating. People who are technically good, it's easy to look and acknowledge and then dismiss it as being the result of hours, months, years of intense practice.

But people who are good? People who are just coming from the right brain and crushing you with the sheer simplicity of their perfection, or perfection of their simplicity? Those people leave me sitting and staring, mouth agape, and wondering how it can be.

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