18 January, 2009

It is Inauguration Day, not the f•cking Rapture

Tuesday marks an event that has happened once every 4 years for over 2 centuries. But this time, we are apparently going to party like it's 2999.

Yes, Barack Obama is going to take office. Yes, Barack Obama has one African-American parent. Yes, this has never happened before. Yes, this marks the end of a presidency that was, at best, only 50% illegitimate. One would hope this marks the beginning of a new direction. But the reality is that NOTHING changes on Tuesday other than the names on the books. The Iraq War does not end. The economy does not recover. America's standing in the court of public opinion does not immediately gain absolution.

Believe me, I prefer this over all alternatives, and it at least demonstates that barriers are not impenetrable. But whether the world becomes a better place, who knows?

Yet people are having bashes, balls, you name it. And to me, it just feels like taking a very serious matter, politics, and turning it into a festival. Other than the mere fact of his election, there is precious little for this country to celebrate right now. And I wonder how many millions will be burned by agencies public and private on this event.

Will our government suddenly begin serving the interest of the people? We shall see. But I am not going to quit my job on the anticpation of national healthcare. And I am not going to throw my tiny little quail-sized nest egg back in the stock market. Because, save for one (noteworthy) difference, January 21, 2009 is not going to be all that much different from January 19, 2009.

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  1. sometimes people just have to get excited about SOMEthing... I can think of many lesser events that have garnered more nationwide support and enthusiasm than this, ie, something inane like the Oscars or the superbowl or whatever. If people want to go apeshit over the incoming president, I say that's SUPER. It's a start, and hopefully will also serve to bolster support for this president. Kind of like a national pep rally, t'know?

  2. i seem to remember that national pep rallies were popular in germany in the late 1930's too.