01 February, 2009

Favorite socks

For the past few weeks, I have not been able to locate my favorite socks. Actually, to be more accurate, I should say that I was not able to find the second sock in my favorite pair. It was missing. It was not next to the dryer. It was not in my closet. It was not in a backpack, or mixed in with other laundry. And when I thought about it more, I realized that, in addition to this one missing sock, there was another entirely different pair of nearly favorite socks that had disappeared entirely (the gray, speckly-hued, soft, wooly ones). 

I am pretty good at tracking down items such as this, so I was a bit surprised. But I guess, with the craziness of my life lately, I could believe that maybe these 3 socks had run off to greener pastures, or happier feet, as the case may be.

Today, I was planning on going to the gym, which is over on the other side of "The Lake". Since I was headed in that direction, I thought it might be a good idea to drop off more items that belong to Denise (I can't put a pseudonym in here - it just seems absurd), since it was a convenient time. I saw that she was on instant messenger, so I pinged, and asked if there were more art supplies that she was in particular need of having. I would be happy to leave them at her place for her (it is literally on the way to the gym). The implicit agreement in both directions is to have "zero contact". Nonetheless, one way or another, the belongings eventually need to be exchanged. So, it was briefly discussed, and agreed upon, that I would bring a couple of plastic containers full of art supplies that she'd had in the garage here. Fabrics. Papers. Some art utensils. The first load of items (paint and brushes) had been delivered to her workplace a couple of weeks ago. But honestly, that felt a little bit awkward bringing a big box of her things to her work, since it could create drama where there needn't be any. That time, I dropped them with a guy at the front desk, to avoid drama, contact, scene, emotions, etc.

This time, I dropped them on the front step of her apartment, creeping quietly up the stairs so I wouldn't trigger a stressful situation for either of us. I honestly did not expect that she would hear me and come outside, because I believe her objective is to avoid such a situation, and that is a wise thing to do.

On the steps, when I arrived, were 4 things. 

  • 2 mugs, made by her kids (for me, apparently before Christmas). One mug had a single blue sock in it. The other mug had a pair of gray socks.

  • 1 small plastic lizard-like beastie.

  • 1 note, indicating that these items could be taken or left behind, as I saw fit.

So, the sock saga has come to a conclusion. My favorites have been restored to their rightful home. It had never occurred to me that, at some point in time, I'd left those items over there. I cannot even imagine when it could have been. Why one blue sock? I hadn't stayed at her place for at least a month, even before our breakup. Maybe it had become mixed in with some things of hers that she'd taken from here. Who knows?

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