07 February, 2009

How many things can I resolve to do?

...before I cease to be me?

I don't know. I have changed the way I eat, sleep, work, exercise, think, communicate, dress, play music. I am rebuilt. A new character. I was a 47 year old married woman, mother of three, from Cleveland, working part time at a local bank; and now I am a 26 year old bachelor living in a condo in Venice Beach, in my 1st year of medical residency for dermatology, playing tennis every Thursday at 10am, and drinking only Skye vodka, and listening to modern jazz because then I can tell the attending that I know jazz. 

How much more can be changed?

All kidding aside...

I am trying to exert this new discipline in my life, and realizing quickly that there are infinite areas of my life in which discipline was lacking, and which discipline can be inserted. And is it good for me? Does all work and no play make Mick a boring blogger? But sadly, there's no fat to cut from this regimen. All these places needed discipline. I want to be fit? Must eat better, exercise more. Want to be healthy and alert and productive? Must eat better, and sleep well, and try to stay focused. Want to feel good about myself and who I am? Need to exercise, dress better, and stay out of the various kinds of trouble in which we all can become involved.

Speaking of discipline, it's almost 12:30, my hard stop. And I still need to do my obligatory 60+ pushups before I am permitted to go to sleep. Or else. Or else, the whole clockwork comes disassembled and all hell breaks loose, and next thing you know I will be snorting powdered sugar, sleeping with unwilling farm animals, and playing my old Huey Lewis records.

It could really get ugly.

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