03 February, 2009

I had an AMAZING date this weekend!

Saturday night, I had an awesome date. I usually don't write about this stuff in here, because it tends to be a little personal, and I was trying to define boundaries for myself. I have this other private blog that I write about that kind of stuff.

But this date was SO good, that I need to bend my rules, because you should hear about it. I have not had many dates lately, partly because I was trying to avoid them to some extent, but also, because I just hadn't had the opportunity. None had come across my plate, so to speak. The fact is, I have had some bad dates. And I think I could have continued on, happily, like that for some time. But this date sort of fell out of the sky and into my lap, and I really feel like it's best to not pass up such situations.

And it resulted from the strangest of circumstances!

Of all places, I was walking up and down the aisles of the supermarket. And, as you can well imagine, this is not the first place that one would typically go when looking for a date - though there are famous movies that involve dates and supermarkets, e.g. "My Blue Heaven", where Steve Martin (as Vinnie Antonelli) walks up to woman in the frozen foods section and says something to the effect of "You shouldn't be here in the frozen foods section! You could melt all this stuff!"

But I digress. Suffice it to say, I was not looking for a date. Anyway, this was Friday night that I first made the encounter. I hate to use the expression "pickup" but I guess that is what it was. I picked up this date on Friday night, and made a tentative plan to actually have the date on Saturday night, because Saturday seemed like a good night for a date. 

I could try to describe my date, but actually I think it would just be easier if I let you have a look at a photograph, because no words could possibly tell this story as well as a picture.


  1. I have an amazing recipe for date bars that I'd like to share with you some time. L

  2. I cannot figure out if this is somehow a pickup line, or if this is a discussion about recipes.

  3. i had to clarify for someone that this picture was a date, not a raisin. sigh.

  4. maybe next time you can try a date with a nut.