13 April, 2009

Obama less fun than Bush

I hate to say it, but I am having less fun now than I was for the past 8 years. I don’t even really know what Obama is doing, because I am too bored to pay attention. Our economy is screwed, and it was before too. They’re doing “stuff” to try to fix it. And maybe that stuff will work, maybe it will not. But the problem with all of this is that now it’s “my guy” in office. If things continue to suck, then the finger points at the Democrats for being unable to turn it around. Of course, if you put a bunch of 12 year old girls on a basketball court, up against the Lakers and let them run up a score of 130-4, then I am not sure bringing the Celtics in to substitute in the second half is going to make a difference. But people have a short term memory for who is responsible.

One of the things that I enjoyed most about politics was complaining. I complained when Reagan was in office, as soon as I was old enough to care. I complained when Bush #1 was in office. I complained a little bit about Clinton, though ended up liking him. Though, I did get to complain about how much attention was being paid to his sex life, so that was fun. Plus, during that same period, I got to complain about how the media was so obsessed with OJ, and that took up pretty much the entire middle of Clinton’s terms.

Then, the mother lode (or is it “load” – I think it is “lode”) of all lodes (or is it “loads” – I think it is “lodes”):

George. W. Bush.

He was elected illegitimately, offering immense opportunity for complaining, both about the mere fact of it, as well as about the media treatment of it. Hell, the whole thing made me into an activist! Then, there was the man himself, who shouldn’t have been qualified to run a shitty baseball team, never mind an entire country! Then there were the unfathomably horrifying selections he made for his cabinet. Complain, complain, complain. Very happy times, indeed, for the complainer! Then, as if his term wouldn’t have been absurd enough without a bifecta, or trifecta, or whatever fecta you want to have; there was September 11th, 2001, which enabled complaining in so many realms, that I actually had to write a complaining schedule, just like one would make a workout schedule.

Mondays: Complain about how Bush handled things idiotically and unpresidentially
Tuesdays: Complain about why they’re focusing on this supposed mastermind, Bin Ladin
Wednesdays: Complain about how the media is allowing discussion of Iraq
Thursdays: Complain about Dick Cheney (plus: all-you-can-eat Mac & Cheese night!!)
Fridays: Complain about how many fonts can be used by networks for “The War on Terror”
Saturdays: Complain about how the US keeps pretending none of our planes are being shot
Sundays: Complain about how this is being turned into a race/culture/religious war

It was great!

And then, Bush won AGAIN. Still on sketchy terms, though this time, it appeared the Republican machinery figured out how to make a fraudulent election appear less fraudulent. No more sophomoric mistakes like having all the Jews in Palm Beach vote for Pat Buchanan, for example. That was worth another year or so of complaining.

Then, I got to complain about McCain and his two-faced lack of integrity as a human being. And Sarah Palin, you betcha! All ripe ground for incessant mockery, bitterness, and whining.
Then the economy tanked, and of course, that was because of corporate greed. And who doesn’t like to go on and on about that? Every day, when I would check the Dow Jones Industrial Average, I actually found myself cheering when the market went DOWN, and subtly disappointed whenever the market went UP. Why is that? Well, partly because I took all my money out of the market last September, and want it to stay down for a good long time. But it’s also because I think complainers don’t want things to get better. They always want them to get worse, because worse = more complaining.

So, that leads us to now.

Barack Obama. President.

George Bush. History.

We have a leader who sounds presidential. He’s out there every day, making sense, and doing things that appear to be logical. He’s trying to make things “less worse”. And he’s fucking up my complaining. Furthermore, if he fails, for whatever reason, whether it was bad planning, circumstances beyond his control, oppositional resistance, there really won’t be anything fun to complain about. It will be mostly complaining of the moping and whining variety.

I have this theory that Sarah Palin took a bullet for the Republican Party. The brilliant strategists who knew how to take the White House away from a party that had ruled over prosperous times, and hand it to George W. Bush – they could hardly have let McCain lose by accident. I think that Palin was chosen to make sure that the Republicans DID lose. Nobody should have wanted to preside over the situation we now have. Chances of succeeding are slim. Throw Palin out there, and please the extreme right, while martyring her, and giving the mess to Obama. Then, in four years, the Republicans can say that Obama’s ideas didn’t work. And they can cut taxes again, and cut programs, and give more handouts to corporations, who are still not even being slapped on their wrists for irresponsibility – but rather, are being gently reprimanded and given more free lunch.

When will I get to complain again?

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