23 April, 2009

Should old acquaintances be forgotten...

The beauty of true friendship is that it is timeless. It knows not calendar of the year or, as the case may be, hour of the day or night. There are people in my life who are dear to me, who have moved away. Some of them I see occasionally. Some extremely rarely. But when I do see them, whether it be 1 year later, or 20 years later, it is as if we never were apart. There is something almost magical about that. There's no need, in some cases, to "fill each other in" on things. Maybe you do. Maybe you don't. Maybe you just pick up where you left off, because the bond was not about the day-to-day. The bond was about the who-to-whom (presuming I have properly grammaticized that). It's interesting because the people that are in my life all the time; for those, it really matters what they believe, and how they live. I wouldn't spend a large percentage of my time with people who were radically different from me. I just don't think I could. But those close friends that we hold over the years... it almost matters not at all what direction their lives have gone, though I guess, if I think about it, we've largely remained on the same track. It's easy to say that it makes no difference, but I suppose that the amazing thing is the fact that our core identities remained similar through space and time. And recognizing that, without mutual influence, it was just inherent; that strengthens the awareness of the bond.

I may only see you for a few hours. Or a day. Or a night. It may be when you visit town to see family. Or when you are here briefly for an interview, for a job you probably aren't going to accept. Or it may be when my band passes through your town while we are on our miniscule tour. We will enjoy a fleeting moment together again, and the friendship will be as it has always been. Pure. True. Real.

I wish I could hold all these people who are so dear to me, and not let them go. Not let them move away. I am tired of people moving out of my life. Moving on. One day, I may be the one who moves on - out of the lives of others. Perhaps someone will miss me, and ask why I had to leave. Perhaps not. I may not be that important.

I just don't know.

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