24 April, 2009

Trust someone for no good reason

The other day, I was sitting outside at a cafe, and working on some files on my computer. I needed to use the restroom. I didn't want to pack up all my stuff. So, I turned to the woman sitting next to me, and asked her if she'd mind watching my things for a moment. And I went to the restroom, and came back.

She could have taken my computer which, actually, is a work computer. And that would have been a very serious problem. There is no reason to assume that someone won't do it. But there's also (other than the sad reality of human nature) no reason to believe that someone would do it. So I took the chance. I decided to trust a stranger for no good reason. And she didn't take my computer, of course.

There is a decision process one must go through in evaluating risks. The so-called "cost-benefit" analysis. And, in most cases, one would have to say that the risk of leaving a very expensive item with personal importance in the care of a stranger, would not be a good risk to take. But I don't know. Sometimes you have to just trust humanity to be at its best. I know that I could be trusted to do the same for her, or for anyone else. And I feel, in some small way, like offering that trust to someone else is a tiny way of "upping" the karma of the universe.

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